Unlocked Nokia Cell phones


Unlocked Cell Phones: Terminology of the day
What are unlocked cell phones?
1. Unlocked Cell Phones are phones that can be used with another SIM card, especially when traveling abroad.
2. With an unlocked cell phone, you free yourself of applications installed your carrier installed (the mostly useless) and fill much more space.
3. With cell phones unlocked no agreement or contract to stick with, you free yourself of worries change your carrier at any time!
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Good for twitter Facebook, whatapps, etc.
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Courtesy of Fequiere Esperant, your representative www.EshoppingRus.com

A brief description of the products:

Our unlocked cell phones come with:

1. Dual sim card

2, Flash


They can be used on Face book and Twitter

The package includes:

One battery

one phone

one earphone

one box

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