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What is a cold lunch box?
The first product that EshoppingRus.com, Corp. has brought to its consumers is a cold lunch box. It is a good product that you, and everyone in your household can use to bring your food to work! It will keep your meal fresh!
Call 954 548 1600 to purchase your cold lunch box!
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Féquière Espérant,

Your entrepreneur at EshoppingRus.com. Do not put it in the washing machine!  If you buy 6, your price can be $ 6.00 per unit wholesale


Our Marketing  Strategies:

Our representatives are essential to distribute our products on the international market! Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can contact us!
We are looking for positive people with a positive mind only! 
To be our distributors; You must have a smiling face
Our direct phone number: 954-548 1600
Website: www.EshoppingRus.com

Féquière Espérant,
Your entrepreneur at EshoppingRus.com